About us:

BluLadder has been servicing the homes of Staten Island with Christmas Light installation and removal since 2014. Each year we continue to grow rapidly, filling up our schedule earlier each year. We typically begin hanging lights on November 1st of each year, keeping very busy until mid-December. We are usually fully booked for the season before Thanksgiving Day, so don't wait too long to set up your appointment! We encourage our customers to call and book as early in the season as possible, and then if you'd like to wait to light up your house, you can simply plug in the timer after you eat your turkey on thanksgiving.

Enjoy your holiday season, and have a Merry Christmas!

Online Booking:

Schedule your appointment online by first choosing your roofline height (1 story or 2 story home) and then add additional lighting needs in the following menu. Once you have filled out all the necessary forms and selected a date and time for your appointment, we will be able to follow up with any further questions to confirm your appointment needs and the final price. This enables us to save you an appointment based on the time we need to fulfill your lighting needs, while also giving you a ballpark price. We will always make sure to confirm any need for changes regarding appointment time, pricing, package availability, etc.


We have done our best to make all our services as convenient to schedule as possible. You can use our online quote software to get a very accurate price of your Christmas Light needs. Oh yeah, and in case you were worried about price increases, we very rarely charge more than the price you are given online. In fact, we have probably lowered the price for our customers upon completion more often than we have raised the price. Regardless, we will always confirm the FINAL price with you BEFORE we begin the work.

Our minimum for labor is $400 for single-story homes, and $450 for two-story homes. At this point, most homeowners spend around $600-1200 on install/removal, and approximately $200-600 for their lighting packages.

Our Process:


After you've gone through the process to get a quote, whether online, on the phone, or in person, we set up the installation as early as possible, at your convenience. We often hang lights without the homeowner around, so if you're tied up with a busy schedule, don't be worried.

We do our best to arrive on the prescheduled time, but seeing as it's such a busy season we ask that you are understanding when we have delays. If we are late, we guarantee to make sure the lights get put up the same day, even if after the sun goes down. Upon arrival, we will confirm your lighting package and pricing, and then get started right away.

We ask that customers who already have lights would have them set outside so that we can begin sorting and testing the lights before hanging them. Most installations take approximately 2-4 hours, although some may take much longer, depending on how elaborate your lighting display might be. In case of extreme roof pitches, we do carry harnesses for each of our installers to use at their discretion to ensure safety. Technicians are medically insured, and our company carries a general liability insurance policy for the safety of all people and properties involved.


We know that weather happens. Wind, rain, snow or ice can all cause problems. We do our best to install the lights in such a way that the elements will have a minimal effect on your lighting displays, but in the occasion that anything goes wrong, we guarantee that we will be there to fix it within 72 hours. Of course, we usually make it the following day, if we're not already nearby and the weather isn't working against us. When we provide the lights, we provide the continual maintenance of your lights at no extra charge.


Each year we guarantee your lights will be down by January 31st. We begin removal of Christmas lights on Nov 7, after 3 Kings Day. If you need your lights taken down sooner, please let us know. We do not typically schedule the removal of your Christmas lights. Instead, we work our way down the list of customers each year, one neighborhood at a time, taking down as many lights in a day as possible. Seeing as weather and location can be difficult to predict, we work hard to get every home finished by the end of January each year. We ask that you leave a few bins or boxes to the side of your house so that we can load all lights into bins carefully for proper storage.

Thank you for reading about our process! We appreciate your consideration, and wish you the Merriest Christmas of all this year!

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